We create, build and fill sales pipelines

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We set new business appointments for our clients with their prospect wishlist

Appreciated Asset was founded in 2018 to follow our passion and expertise in connecting businesses with the best resources available for their unique needs. Our founder, Jennifer Frye has been in business development for her entire career working with both local and national clients of all sizes. She carved out an expertise in maximizing top of the funnel sales activities…prospecting.

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Follow Up

Consistency is key for follow up. We follow up on an ongoing basis with your prospects so you don’t have to. AND we create your futures pipeline so we follow up with your prospects in exactly the timeline they have indicated is ideal. Nothing slips through the cracks.


Combining your ideal demographics with your ideal psychographics is the best way to create an aligned prospect list, increase your appointments, decrease your sales cycle and get a higher close rate. We create your prospect wishlist complete with decision maker names and numbers or we work with the one you already have.


Our Disruptor Designer Messaging Session creates compelling messages that make you stand out from your industry’s status quo. There is no one else to work with but you because no one delivers like you do. We write scripts that introduce and educate your prospects about who you are and how you can help them.


The sole, laser-focused prospecting strategy at your disposal. We identify, prioritize, audit and improve all of your prospecting channels to create processes and systems that are high-touch, low tech and take a minimal amount of your time. 

Our Process

What we do

Done with you

  • Our Disruptor Designer Messaging Session gives you all of the tools, training, resources and support you need to run your own cold calling campaign.
  • Our Prospecting Strategy Sessions will help you and your team create or optimize essential prospecting channels to bring more leads into your business with a high-touch, low-tech approach with minimal time invested.

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Onsite VIP

Make your next Conference/Trade Show/Expo your most successful yet with our onsite service and strategy. We will support your team at your event to ensure maximum exposure and follow up opportunities. 

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Done for you

Our Sales Accelerator program is a concierge level, done for you appointment setting service where we set new business appointments with your prospect wishlist

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“I am in love with their team! They care about me and they care about what matters. They care about helping me get to the finish line and helped me answer the questions in the beginning of this process that I didn’t even know I needed to ask.”

-Whitney McDuff

“Sitting down with them was absolutely fundamental in the shift my company needed to make to go from growing, to accelerated growth beyond what I ever thought possible!”

-Frank Wells

Disruptor designer

Be a disruptor

Learn why being an industry disruptor is the only way to stand out.

We have a proven process that gets results for our clients.

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