What we do

Our vision

At Appreciated Asset we create, build and fill sales pipelines for our clients. We do that through done for you services as well as done with you options depending on your team capabilities, your budget and your goals.

We create intentional growth strategies for our clients by creating compelling messaging. 

Our Mission is to create a ripple effect for incredible solutions in helping them grow and serve more of their ideal client.

Our Vision is to change the narrative of what a sales conversation can look like and to create a stage to highlight industry disruptors, rewards them for their courage, and compensates them for their value.

Our Values

Growth mindset

Truth and transparency







This is all me!

Our sales accelerator is a concierge level done for you appointment setting service where we set new business appointments for you with your prospect wish list. We do this consultatively, so rather than calling from your business and pretending we work for you we call from our business and we recommend you, educate your prospect about you, and offer to make an introduction. No other “lead gen” Company works this way. It's one of the many facets of our service that make us disruptors in our industry. But we don't do this to be “disruptive”, but rather as a testament to our unwavering commitment to maintaining integrity. We heavily vet all of the clients that we take on knowing that we truly do recommend them. We also offer exclusivity for our sales accelerator clients.

Sales Accelerator

Done for you

Hear what our disruptors say

We give you all of the benefits of a cold calling campaign without any of the time or energy.

This is the service for you if you are saying…

I need more sales

My business isn't growing

I've hit a plateau

I don't have time for sales

I'm spread too thin

My competition keeps winning business

This is all me!

This is the service for you if you are saying…

Networking doesn't work

I don't get business from LinkedIn

I want to be speaking on a stage but I don't know where to start

My sales team doesn't bring in prospects

I don't have any prospects

I'm not getting any referrals lately

In our prospecting strategy sessions we identify and prioritize prospecting channels to help our clients optimize all lead generation opportunities available. The channels we specialize in are all high touch and low tech and they require minimal time and financial investment. We offer one-on-one prospecting strategy sessions with our clients either creating or optimizing these channels. Beginning with an audit of current activities we work directly with you to make adjustments in your current strategies that will give you exponential results. After our calls, you will receive a detailed checklist of everything we discussed. This checklist is essentially the backbone of an SOP that you can share with your team to create processes and systems as you grow to maximize your efforts.

Prospecting Strategy Sessions 

Done with you

This is all me!

Our disruptor designer messaging session was created for clients who have the internal capabilities to do their own sales outreach yet lack the tools, resources, and training to do it effectively. We take our clients through a two hour messaging session and sales training where we focus on best practices as well as sales mindset. After our initial session, you are provided with a complete sales script for your team to use in their outreach as well as a complete contact list of the ideal prospects for you to reach out to. We provide ongoing support with weekly office hours.

Disruptor Designer Messaging Session 

This is the service for you if you are saying…

I don't know who our ideal prospects are

We don't have a system for outreach or for follow up

Prospects have slipped through the cracks

My team should be cold calling but they're not

My messaging hasn't been updated since I launched my business

I don't have the time to help train my team

help At my EVENT!

This is the service for you if you are saying…

I have a big event coming up but I don’t think we are prepared

My team isn’t big enough to represent us at this event

I want to maximize my investment for this event

Events get us exposure but not clients

Our Onsite VIP service is offered on a limited basis for clients who require onsite support for their events/conferences/expos. Appreciated Asset will provide strategy in advance of the event, in person support at the event and follow up service after the event. We only offer a few spots each year for this opportunity. To apply please send us a message on our CONTACT US page. 

Onsite VIP