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Appreciated Asset was founded in 2018 to follow our passion and expertise in connecting businesses with the best resources available for their unique needs. Our founder, Jennifer Frye has been in business development for her entire career working with both local and national clients of all sizes. She carved out an expertise in maximizing top of the funnel sales activities…prospecting. When her clients, partners and colleagues were saying that they needed more sales what she realized was that in fact they needed more opportunities for sales. That’s the biggest growth problem most businesses face at some point. It’s not more sales…it’s more sales opportunities. Appreciated Asset has developed several programs for their clients to generate more sales opportunities.

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Jennifer Frye grew up in Boston and graduated from the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University. She spent several years in DC and NYC developing extensive experience in business development. She moved from Manhattan to Charleston, SC in 2007. She lives with her 9 year old son Maxwell and their rescue dog Dewey and she hosts nightly impromptu dance parties in her kitchen. She loves to travel, read, cook (occasionally) and run (even less occasionally). Jennifer loves to show other women, and specifically single moms how they can "redefine having it all".

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2023 Goals 

Become a morning person with a 5am wakeup time

expand our team


read at least one book a month

 Cucumber martini
adult beverage
4th of July

New York City
The Golden Girls

80's sitcom
cape cod!
summer vacation spot

A few of my favorite things...

Mint chocolate chip

ice cream

(Mojito is a close second)